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Full Rut offers LaPorte Archery bow trap shooting, state of the art TechnoHunt, indoor and outdoor 3-D ranges, indoor target range (up to 30 yards), a bow shop and service onsite.
Full Rut offers the LaPorte Bow Trap Machine and Buckmaster 3D Pop-Ups.
We also have 15,000 Acres available throughout Elbert County for antelope and deer hunting. Contact us for pricing and other information.
Come and visit Broadhead Cafe for food and drink before or during the shooting excitement.
Contact us for further information about lessons, opportunities for schools, 4-H, Boys and Girl Scouts and private parties.

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Broadhead Cafe Now Open On Mondays.

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DOW License Agent Location

We Issue Hunting Licenses Call for More Info 303-840-9271

Rob DeLeon, CE, ComXL

I have shot the New 3D Archery Range and I was blown away! It exceeded my expectation, was a whole lot of fun, and it was a very competitive group setting. I have not shot anything like it before and I will be bringing my friends back with me.

Alex Golston, CEO AOSS

We have shot the Techno Hunt a number of times while eating at the Broadhead Cafe and it is a Blast! Shooting on this point system keeps you on your toes and makes you a better shooter. I always look forward to coming back.